Congress Topics

The scientific program will be structured into four tracks dedicated to the fields of innate immunity, adaptive immunity, diseases of the immune system and immune interventions. The 4-track program will streamline symposia, workshops as well as poster sessions in a way that will promote easy cross talk between the basic topics and types of sessions planned.

Accordingly, the topics of the individual scientific sessions will range, just to mention a few, from the cellular and molecular biology of innate immune responses and molecular insights into antigen processing and presentation to mechanisms of lymphocyte development including repertoire selection and kinetics of lymphocyte activation and contraction to the pathogenesis of auto immune and inflammatory diseases and cancer and the etiology of primary and secondary immunodeficiency diseases to novel therapeutic approaches to autoimmunity, allergy, immuno deficiency and cancer including novel forms of vaccines against infectious agents.

In fact, the presentation and discussion of modern forms of immune interventions will be given a prominent place, since their obvious benefits for society are certainly one of the most efficient forms how to promote our scientific discipline.

Moreover, special sessions dedicated to technological innovations in immunology research (e.g. cellular phenotyping and separation; antibody technologies; fluorescent tracing; molecular, biochemical and genetic profiling; animal models and mutagenesis; RNA technologies; etc.) will be offered in close cooperation with partners from the industry. In addition, there will be ample space for company-sponsored symposia allowing to feature specific aspects of immunology.